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Spain, with its rich history, amazing vistas and delectable food, is a traveler’s dream destination. Start your experience in Madrid, capital of the Nation, with a private tour of the Prado museum and also the Royal Palace. Take a trip, sip on wine and nibble tapas appreciate the landscapes just outside the city.

In dazzling Sevilla, southwest of Madrid, guests can observe the amazing Plaza of Spain daily and then head to a fun and lively flamenco show through the night. Climb the Giralda for magnificent views of the whole city, or have a boat trip down Sevilla’s famous river.

On the tropical island of Mallorca, enjoy the magnificent views and picturesque countryside by train, on horseback or on foot. Take a boat ride afterward, swim and snorkel to your heart’s content on this beautiful island.


The best things to do and attractions YOU need to visit in Spain

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  • Plaza de España
  • Park Güell
  • Alhambra
  • Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
  • Picasso Museum 
  • Casa Milà
  • Casa Batlló
  • La Rambla, Barcelona
  • Museo Nacional del Prado
  • Plaza Major 
  • Royal Alcázar of Seville
  • Catedral de Sevilla
  • Alcazaba
  • Montjuïc
  • Mercado de La Boqueria
  • Montserrat
  • Gran Vía, Madrid

Spain has been the home of several of the world’s great artists and has museums and galleries to match. In the cities, narrow twisting old streets suddenly open out to views of daring modern architecture, while spit-and-sawdust bars serving wine from the barrel rub shoulders with blaring, glaring discos. There are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore, in addition to some spectacularly rugged stretches of coast. The country is littered with superb old buildings, from Roman aqueducts to Gothic cathedrals, and every village has a medieval castle.

A must visit — Barcelona on the northeastern coast of Spain. While there, get a true sense of the city by taking a biking trip to see attractions such as the legendary Sagrada Familia, still under construction after over 100 decades, and the gothic quarter, which simply cannot be missed.

Enjoy all of the experiences Spain offers, from whale watching from Tenerife into diving in Ibiza.

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Top Attractions in Spain: 




Tours and experiences to have in Spain: Andalusia and Barcelona 7-Day Package Tour From Madrid

Experience the diverse cultures of Spain on a 7-day tour of several regions that are distinct, and learn about the influence of the Moors in Seville, Granada and Cordoba. Discover Valencia and Barcelona’s vibrant coastal resorts, driving through mountains and the magnificent Mediterranean shore along the way.

Day 1: Madrid to Cordoba — Sevilla Depart Madrid, and drive by comfortable air-conditioned coach during the magnificent countryside of La Mancha to Cordoba. Spend some time exploring Jewish Quarter and the town’s renowned mosque, before continuing for dinner and an overnight stay in the 4-star Hesperia Sevilla in the Andalusian city of Seville.

Day 2: Seville This morning a local guide will lead you on a tour of Andalusia’s most vibrant city to see the sights and sounds of the radiant park of Maria Luisa, the mosaic walls of the Plaza de Espana, and also the world’s largest Gothic cathedral at Seville Cathedral. Take at a Santa Cruz barrio that is typical and enjoy the day at leisure.

Day 3: Seville to Granada — After breakfast, depart for Granada, and see the unbelievable Alhambra on arrival. Founded one of the Nazari Palaces and monuments of the Generalife, and discovered the best manifestation of art. The Moorish rulers’ former palace and harem contains. An optional trip to the caves as well as the opportunity to attend a typical flamenco show. Check in to the 4-star Meliá Granada Hotel for your overnight stay.

Day 4: Granada to Valencia — Depart Granada after breakfast and traveling during the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Views of the towns of Guadix, Baza, and Puerto Lumbreras en route to the Mediterranean resort of Valencia. Upon arrival, check in to Tryp Oceanic Hotel or the 4-star Silken Puerta Valencia.

Day 5: Valencia to Barcelona — Investigate one of the liveliest cities in Spain, with free time at leisure to find Valencia’s mix of old and new. Go to the City of Sciences and Arts to see Santiago Calatrava’s buildings, or wander the Old Town’s historic streets. Depart for Barcelona mid-morning, and drive up the Balearic Sea’s shore. Check into the NH Constanza Hotel on arrival.

Day 6: Barcelona — After breakfast, enjoy a morning sightseeing tour of Barcelona’s historic areas. Go to pay a visit to the Olympic stadium, and enjoy scenic views of the city below. Take at the monument to Christopher Columbus from the port, and roam the streets of the Gothic Quarter. The day is free to explore at leisure. Visit a number of the Gaudi buildings of L’Eixample, such as the Sagrada Familia, or even the apartments of Passeig de Gracia. An optional night tour will take you down a number of the town’s broad avenues to see monuments and fountains floodlit for the evening.

Day 7: Barcelona to Zaragoza — Madrid Leave Barcelona, and drive throught the varied Aragon landscape. Enjoy some free time to explore sights such as the cathedral and Aljaferia Palace and find an extraordinary mix of Islamic, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Proceed at the conclusion of your excursion solutions to Madrid.

Experience Highlights: 

  • Explore Andalusia’s most historic monuments in Cordoba, Seville, and Granada
  • Enjoy the views of the vibrant coastal cities of Valencia and Barcelona
  • Learn about the Moorish rule and influence in Iberia at the Alhambra
  • Wander the medieval streets of Barcelona’s Barrio Gotico
  • Discover Zaragoza’s mix of Islamic and Romanesque architecture
  • Take time to explore the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
  • Go to the largest Gothic cathedral in the world
  • Drive through the magnificent countryside of La Mancha
  • Experience the passion of flamenco at an optional flamenco show in Seville

Explore Andalusia’s sights and learn about the Moors’ influence on Spain on a 7-day tour of Andalusia. See the capital of Catalonia on the Costa Brava. Discover a rich Iberian civilization as you see more, and much Seville Granada.

Spain tour and experiences


AREA: 504,782 SQ KM 


Barcelona is a nightlife scene famous for Gaudí’s breathtaking architecture, one of the most iconic cities of Spain, along with a picturesque beach boardwalk. Whether you fancy sangria or dining and tapas, you’ll have the ability to taste your way through Barcelona’s rich culinary scene served late into the evening. Culture lovers could spend weeks exploring architectural marvels and museums daily, and hitting up some of Europe’s hippest nightclubs. By drifting the Barcelona neighborhoods surrender yourself to the Cataloniacapital’s laidback lifestyle.

Barcelona’s most famous landmark is La Sagrada Familia, a yet-to-be-completed masterpiece by Antoni Gaudí. Be wowed by the intricacy of this structure and the elevation, supported by dual twist columns. If you prefer to enjoy Gaudí’s work with fewer crowds, visit the Palau Güell, less famous, but still impressive. The palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a fascinating example of Gaudí’s brilliance, combining functional innovation with his trademark spectacular design.

Barcelona boasts incredible chefs that turn food into art, like Artur Martínez, who runs the pristine kitchen in Aürt, which picked up its first Michelin star this year. Martínez and his team cook tableside, serving a maximum of 15 individuals. The chefs prepare each dish, with tweezers to put microgreens in addition to smoked duck. Opt for the wine pairings. (Who knew gentle white port went well with onion royale? Spend the evening working your way through 16 Classes, each meticulously crafted to take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Las Ramblas is a string of roads lined with trees and filled with characters that are lively. The walkway is bustling with cafes, flower stalls, and street performers. Considering that the promenade is in the heart of the town, it’s a wonderful place. Measures from La Boqueria–the most favorite open-air market filled with Catalan delicacies–you’ll find Le Meridién Barcelona, a modern resort with flair. Stay in one of its rooms overlooking Las Ramblas to enjoy the chaos of this promenade while sipping on café con leche.

Travel to Spain

Travelbook Explorers Community Top 10 Favorites Experiences: 

  • Ibiza: Beach Hopping and Paddle Cruise 
  • Exploring the amazing, whimsical architecture of Gaudí’s Parc
  • Sky diving in Costa Brava
  • Shop like a local at the El Rastro flea market in Madrid
  • Party like a local during the Las Fallas of Valencia
  • Sail around the Balearics
  • Explore the fascinating Romanesque relics of medieval Aragón in Huesca & San Juan
  • Seeing the lovely Museo Guggenheim in Bilbao
  • Sip cañas (beers) and enjoy the sunsets from the Sierra P Guadarrama in Las Vistillas
  • Swim in clear crystal water in Dalí’s hometown, Cadaqués



Spain has more than 8,000 beaches.

Don Quixote, the famous book written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes in 1605, was voted the “most meaningful book of all time” in 2002 by a panel of top authors.

If invited into a Spaniard’s house, you are able to bring chocolates, cakes, pastries, wine, liqueur, brandy, or flowers to your hostess.

Spain has the second greatest number of pubs per population.

Spain is much more famous for its red wine compared to white, the vast majority of its own vineyards have white grapes.

Spain is among the world’s most significant manufacturers of saffron, a significant component in paella.

The Madrid subway is the 2nd biggest underground network in Europe and the sixth largest system on earth.

Spain is famous for its vibrant festivals, such as San Fermín (“running of the bulls”) at Pamplona and Tomatina (“tomato combat”) at Buñol.

Spain won its initial World Cup soccer name in 2010, which made the nation the 8th nation to have won.

43 percent of the world’s olive oil production is currently completed in Spain.

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SPAIN Travel guide: things to do, see and FAQ includes

When’s the best time to visit Spain?

It depends on what you want to visit and whether you want to battle the crowds. 
Southern Spain is almost always sunny, but you’ll fry in the summer months—it’s that hot. Typically, the summer months are also much more crowded than the off-season. The shoulder seasons (spring and fall) and the winter are less crowded and hotels are a lot cheaper, but the weather up north can be unpredictable and wet.

How do I get around Spain? 

There are so many ways you can get around Spain. 

The country has a safe and reliable public transportation system. You have your choice of Renfe (Spain’s excellent rail system), buses, the Metro (in the major cities), airlines and more. Taxis are readily available in many cities. For more information on getting around Spain, see our article on transportation in Spain.

Pro tip: Have some euros on hand because not all types of transportation take credit cards.

Can I use Airbnb in Spain?

The short answer is yes!  

Because of problems with online short-term apartment rentals in Spain, companies like Airbnb have been blamed for over-tourism. As a result, local governments have imposed strict guidelines on short-term rentals. So you don’t end with a crappy apartment or a last-minute cancellation, make sure that the place you are staying in is licensed and read all the reviews of the place before you book. 

Pro tipUse a local trip planner to help you pick the best lodging options at all your destinations.

What is there to do in Spain?

Spain is full of amazing things to do. 
From fantastic food to historic architecture, UNESCO Heritage Sites, fun festivals and awe-inspiring scenery—Spain is an amazing country. 

You asked; we answered—now you’re ready for an amazing trip to Spain. But if you have even more questions about Spain—like where to get amazing sangria, or the best non-touristy sights, or even how people get home after a late night out—then hire a local to plan your trip. Not only will they answer your questions, but they’ll design a custom itinerary based on your travel style and interests.


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