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Our Family Travelbook — What to do, City Guide & Recommendations in 2018.


Sitges is a beautiful Mediterranean coastal town, a beachfront hotel some 35km southwest of Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain. Sitges is a seaside city with fantastic beaches and superb tourist facilities.

Recognized as one of the most charming towns and prestige of the Catalan coast, enjoys a mild and temperate microclimate, meaning that visitors may enjoy enviable temperatures every month of the year. Sitges has one of the most lively and hippest homosexual scenes around the shore.

The beaches are extremely vibrant and fun! The city, which overlooks the Mediterranean has big paths, narrow streets, four museums and the stunning shores of Costa Dorada/Golden Coast.

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Sitges includes a great range of pubs and areas to enjoy a drink, a wine, a beer in the company of his acquaintances or buddies. Night bars in the Port of Aiguadolç, the Sweet Pacha, Disco Atlantida, but undoubtedly the place par excellence of nightlife is “Sin road – La Calle del Pecado” and broadly known by the concentration of pubs and nightlife venues.

Rainbow Bar is the bar & cafe of Casa Rainbow Sitges. It offers your favourite cocktail and a different tapas menu daily, live music, shows and also the Sunday’s Tea Time bingo. A free drink is offered to Casa Rainbow guests.

Sitges has a wide selection of shops, the town center streets are full of little stores that enable consumers to meet their consumption needs.

The Main Street, The Parellades road, The Cap de la Vila, Jesus Street,  and the Sant Francesc road are a few of the most commercial streets of the town center.

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EXPERIENCE    »     Museu Cau Ferrat

RESTAURANT   »   Restaurante Komokieras

EXPERIENCE    »     Museum Maricel de Mar

RESTAURANT   »      Maricel

RESTAURANT   »    Miramar Sitges

RESTAURANT   »    Restaurant Queen’s

RESTAURANT   »      La Bodeguita de Abajo


RESTAURANT   »    LaPunta

RESTAURANT   »      NeM Sitges

RESTAURANT   »     Charla

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