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Our Family Travelbook — What to do, City Guide & Recommendations in 2018.


Here you may delight in the laid-back air and roam leafy residential streets which are lined with traditional architecture. Intramuros’ centrepiece is Fort Santiago — a citadel employed by the American and Spanish army, with its arched gateways, barracks and mobile blocks offset by a refuge of fountains, gardens and plazas.

There are lots of areas in Manila to eat while Filipino cuisine has taken the world by storm. For both high quality and air, try one of those restaurants that have opened inside historic Spanish colonial homes, for example, Purple Yam (an offshoot of the Brooklyn, NY restaurant), that will include contemporary Filipino degustation menus. Or try the specialization old-world Manila dishes in La Cocina de Tita Moning.

The brand new Blackbird restaurant with famous Scottish chef Colin McKay is just another worthwhile splurge, starting within an art deco former airport control tower. Still another reason to not skip Manila is its own pumping nightlife.

There are lots going on here with fancy rooftop cocktail bars, speakeasy pubs and relaxing pubs, in addition to a fantastic clubbing and live music scene. Watch why Manila is quickly becoming one of Asia’s trendiest cities for much more on the town’s nightlife scene.

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Heritage resorts and funding boutique

For people who enjoy their digs with a little bit of personality and style, Manila’s accommodation ticks the boxes.

The town’s most iconic luxury resort is your Manila Hotel, initially constructed in 1909 and famous not just for being where General MacArthur lived throughout the war, but also where everyone from the Beatles to JFK has remained. Nearby is the recently reopened Luneta Hotel, built in 1918 French Renaissance design; while art deco fans won’t want to overlook Miramar Hotel, a 1930s masterpiece.

Manila has quite a few must-visit museums. For lovely pre-Hispanic artefacts, visit the National Museum of the Filipino People, situated inside an imposing neoclassical building and revealing beautiful pieces from throughout the Philippines.

A more offbeat appeal is Imelda Marcos’ infamous shoe set in the Marikina Shoe Museum, in which some 800 pairs of her shoes have been exhibited. Or take a look at the ultra-modern Ayala Museum, together with four floors showcasing a great assortment of glistening pre-Hispanic golden artefacts, quality artwork displays, and remarkable dioramas detailing the nation’s history.

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ATTRACTION   »    Fort Santiago
San Agustin Convent
National Museum of Fine Arts of the Philippines
Shoe Museum
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Casa Manila Intramuros
Rizal Park Hotel Manila
Rizal Monument, Rizal Park
Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante
El Chupacabra
Las Flores

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