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Our Family Travelbook — What to do, City Guide & Recommendations in 2018.


Whether you’re sun-seeking, dozing in a hammock, feasting on world-class cuisine, beach partying or discovering wellness in an exclusive spa, Ko Samui has it covered.

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● W Samui

● Crystal Beach

● Angthong National Marine Park

● Big Buddha

● Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village

● Bophut

● Hin Ta and Hin Yai. Lamai Beach

● Koh Tao

● Wat Plai Laem. Big Buddha Beach

● Namuang Waterfall

● Nathon

● Secret Buddha Garden

● Hills of Samui.

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ATTRACTION    »    The Green Mango
ACCOMMODATION   »     Six Senses Samui
RESTAURANT   »    Nuch’s Green Ta’lay Restaurant
ACCOMMODATION   »    W Retreat Koh Samui
ATTRACTION     »      Lamai Night Market
ATTRACTION   »    namuang safari park
RESTAURANT   »     Sabienglae Restaurant
ATTRACTION »  Sailing Yacht Charter Thailand – Island Cruises Co., Ltd.

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ON THE BEACH ……………………..

The kiss of sun on tanned skin, the deep azure of the sky and the gentle lapping of warm waves on satin sands are ideal ingredients for the perfect retreat.

Ko Samui’s beaches are a diverse bunch to boot: roll up your beach towel and see what you can find. Make it Coco Tam’s in Fisherman’s village for cocktails and serious chillaxing, Chaweng Beach for sunrise and people-watching, lengthy Mae Nam Beach for peace, or napping under a coconut tree before giving in to a west coast sunset across seas shimmering with bronze.

Deftly paired with the island’s seductive sands, dining is Samui’s other top indulgence. From the simplest of Thai dishes to scorching regional curries and plates hopping with flavour on seaside tables, you’re spoiled for choice.

Don’t overlook more anonymous places, the best meals can await in faceless roadside shacks where locals saunter in. The island is stuffed with kôw gang (rice and curry) shops, often a flimsy wooden shack serving southern Thai–style curries.

Follow locals to the food markets for more pointers, but if you need atmosphere, it’s hard to miss: romantic, sunset-flecked dinners can be the holiday moment.

Mind, Body, Spirit Add some full-on pampering to the leisurely mix. People come here to see other people looking good and to look good too, with a pinch of mindfulness thrown in for massaging the soul.

Cleansing fasts, yoga, tai-chi, herbal steam treatments and chakra-balancing restore equilibrium to out-of-kilter systems, with flexible arrangements for those who pitch up with the best of intentions but remember they’re on holiday.

And for those who just want to ease away the aches and pains of lying on the beach, Ko Samui’s spas can ease them to the next level of serenity.

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