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Mother and Daughter Floating on Warm Tropical Water
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Our Family Travelbook — What to do, City Guide & Recommendations in 2018.


Ko Kut (Additionally Koh Kood) is an island at Trat Province at the Gulf of Thailand.

The island is a favorite place for package tourists and households. The island has almost no nightlife, so if you’re after partying this is certainly not where to go.

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The West coast has some stunning shores, many of these flanked by undeveloped plots of land. Most hotels are along this shore. Bang Bao Bay is famous for its calm water. The water is hot, and lots of beaches are basically vacant.

Klong Chao Waterfall has a massive pool which it is possible to swim in. Approximately 20-30 minutes’ walk in the turn-off, there are times when you could multitask. Organized tours usually pay a visit to the waterfall in the day.

The 300-Year-old Macca Trees are certainly worth seeing on the way into the Secret Waterfall surrounded by striking jungle.

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RESTAURANT   »    Noochy seafood
RESTAURANT   »    Relax House And Restaurant
RESTAURANT   »    Chonthicha Korean Bar-B-Q
RESTAURANT   »   Restaurant Benjamin Kitchen.
RESTAURANT     »   Koh Kood Far East Restaurant
RESTAURANT   »    Chaiyo Restaurant
RESTAURANT   »   Bistro Koh Kood

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