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I believe Seattle and New Orleans are the best places for your trip this month of February. Let’s say you’ve been planning the perfect Valentine’s Day vacation for you and your partner OR you are single and you just want someplace to explore while waiting for spring. 


So let me help you with this guide on how to experience the U.S.A like a local in the month of love. All within 44 hours!


DAY 1: New Orleans


Filled with soul, music, and culture, fall in love with “The Big Easy”- New Orleans, Louisiana. This city is known for its colorful and loud Mardi Gras during this time of the year. Start by finding the best place for your budget to stay at.  


Now let’s get to touring! Here are my suggestions for the best NOLA experience:



Try the famous beignets of the New Orleans locals at the well-renowned restaurant Cafe du Monde located at the French Quarter.


Travelbook New Orleans beignets

New Orleans’ beignets (Shutterstock)



Locals head on to The French Market for the flea market, farmer’s market, dining, and music. While there you should try the food served at J’s seafood Dock.


Travelbook New Orleans French Market

French Market, New Orleans (Shutterstock)



The serene atmosphere at City Park is a contrast to the beautiful chaos from downtown. Their botanical garden offers scenic views of swamps, old trees and blooming flowers all of which are conducive to a calming stroll. 


Travelbook NOMA New ORleans

Sculpture Garden outside NOMA (Shutterstock)


While you’re in City Park, do not miss the chance to visit the New Orleans Museum of Art ( NOMA). It is the oldest fine arts museum in the city. 


Travelbook NOMA

New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park (Shutterstock)



Watch the streets in the French Quarter come alive at the Bourbon Street. Known as one of the oldest streets in America, Bourbon Street in the late afternoon is swarmed with performers of all capacities. 


Travelbook Bourbon Street

Street Performers in Bourbon Street (Shutterstock)



Authentic Creole cuisine is best served at Neyow’s. The restaurant is family-run and undeniably excels at making the heartiest soul food.


Travelbook Gumbo

Traditional New Orleans seafood fish, Gumbo (Shutterstock)


DAY 2: Seattle


Book a flight for another exciting place to visit during the month of February- Seattle. The largest city in the state of Washington is surrounded by water which makes it abundant in seafood and therefore, a good place to go on a food trip. Also, a highly urbanized city making it home to two of the most successful companies, Microsoft and Amazon. 



As Seattle is well known in the seafood department, start your Seattle trip at the famous Ivar’s Fish Bar. They serve the, allegedly, most famous fish and chips. Chowder is also a must-order from this place.


Travelbook Seattle Ivar's

Ivar’s Fish Bar in Seattle (Shutterstock)



For a local’s experience, head on to the Pike Place Market a.k.a. The Public Market located on Pike Street. This spot in the city caters good food, shops, ‘grammable views, and an array of entertainment. 


Pike Place Fish Co. is the place to be for arguably the best salmon in the world. The fishmongers have their unique way of entertaining buyers and tourists by throwing fresh fish across their front display. 


Fishmongers tossing fish at each other at Pike Place Fish Company (Shutterstock)


This is also home to the first ever Starbucks coffee shop.

Travelbook Seattle first Starbucks

The very first Starbucks cafe located in Pike Place Market (Shutterstock)


And you cannot leave Seattle without visiting the ‘grammable however gross Gum Wall. 


Travelbook Seattle Gum Wall

Gum Wall in Pike Place Market (Shutterstock)



Another thing that comes to mind when we say Seattle is The Great Wheel located just in front of the Pier, also a place that attracts shoppers and tourists. 


Travelbook Pier 57

A view of Seattle Ferris Wheel at Pier 57 (Shutterstock)



For a picturesque sunset view, find your way to the Alki beach. One of the least touristy things to do in Seattle is to just enjoy the view of the sunset on your left and the view of the city on the right. You also have the option of biking, skateboarding, walking your dog along the paved walkway. 


Travelbook Alki Beach

The skyline of Seattle from Alki beach (Shutterstock)



Have you ever wondered where this famous scenic shot of Seattle is taken? 


Travelbook Kerry Park Sunset View

Sunset skyline view from Kerry Park (Shutterstock)


This shot is taken from Kerry Park also known as  Franklin Place. Don’t miss out on the great view of the city from up here. 


With that short vacation, you can now scratch the U.S.A. from the list of all the places you’ve traveled. Don’t forget to share your experience with Travelbook!

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